Monday, September 30, 2002

Kudos abound

Nitpicker is slow to read his fellow bloggers sometimes, but would like to give kudos to Dwight Meredith today for his excellent piece on Bush's claim to be a "uniter, not a divider" and how he's been doing with that so far.

And, Terry Sawyer is smart and funny as he picks apart the Bushies' need for war. My favorite line: "Power wielded so loosely is hubris frosted in overkill. Doesn't Karl Rove watch 'Behind the Music?'"

And see Reason's article on the scary new logo for the Information Awareness Office. Nitpicker thinks the name is scary enough. What's the motto? "We know you know something?"

And read the best post you're likely to read concering Bill O'Reilly, in which G. Beato of Soundbitten asks the immortal question, "How can O'Reilly diss Ludacris, when he brags about putting the beat-down on Michael Kinsley?" Comes complete with handy "O'Reilly v. Ludacris" chart.


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