Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Greens: Ruining it for everybody

Can anyone really be this obtuse? Can the Green Party really think that they are doing anything in this country but siphoning votes away from the only people who can get elected who share even a fraction of their interests? Yesterday, Reuters reported that the Greens may screw up some tight races again, which could give Republicans control of the Senate.

But Democrats and Republicans are both controlled by business and special interests, they say. Both are just as bad.

First, anyone who has voted for either party should be offended. The Greens are saying that you are stupid. You might as well not have voted, because it's all the same anyway. Second, by taking away votes on the left, they are creating an environment where the only people able to win elections as Democrats will have to be more and more "centrist." They are, therefore, depriving themselves of friends and creating a Democratic Party filled with "blue dogs."

More importantly, however, the Greens are showing their own stupidity when they say they can't tell the difference between Republicans and Democrats. Just check out the National Resource Defense Council's rundown of the Bush environmental record and notice how many of those policies would not have been enacted if Gore had been in office. Note that most of the policies that Bush has imposed or has scrapped didn't have to go through Congress. He's been screwing up the country single-handedly and every vote for Nader was a vote that helped him do it. If you don't believe me, if you want to believe the Gore screwed it up all by himself, then check out this complaint by Greens in Washington State, who say that Republicans were helping to get them onto ballots -- just to take votes away from Democrats.

I repeat: Every vote for the Green Party is a vote for a Republican Washington.

Update: As soon as this was posted, a reader sent me this link to a site that points out the damned big difference between Republicans and Democrats.


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