Friday, October 18, 2002

Kudos to Krugman and other stories

Once again, Paul Krugman shows why conservatives (and their apologists) have made a cottage industry out trying to tear him down: he's left, but he's right. Today, he says that Bush has most certainly changed the tone in Washington, but has made it much worse, not better.

Also, "Representative Mark Foley, a Republican who represents West Palm Beach, said there was 'no question' that Governor Bush has used his relationship to the president to help Florida and, presumably, his own political fortunes." There's more.

Also, there is apparently no end to the meaningless things that people can find to worry about, but, this time, I'm on the side of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. "Wha?" you say. Sure, they're spending a bit to much time on a stupid topic, but the side they stand on is right. Check it: Yes, the word Confederate has issues, but to change the name of a building just because our time says the word's inappropriate seems the worst kind of lily-livered political correctness. (Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of offensive words that would deserve removal because they are inherently offensive.) In fact, their claim that removing the name is akin to the Taliban's destruction of giant Buddha statues rings very true. Anyone who would prefer not to attend a ballpark with the name of whatever corporation is currently paying for it plastered on the front should get on board with the UDC this time.

Also, E.J. Dionne hits the trifecta, mentioning three of my favorite topics -- the NRA, guns and Jerry Falwell -- in one nicely thought-out column.

Update: The Economist backs up Krugman.


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