Monday, October 21, 2002

Read this now. I command you!

Mr. Capozzola over at the Rittenhouse Review knocks a sizable hole in the idea that the Republican party is the party of "fiscal responsibility."

Also, The Poor Man turns TV docent and shows you what's on PBS tonight.

Also, I saw The Ring this weekend. Very good. Anyone who says that it should make more sense (like this guy) or be better explained should be forced to stand in a corner and recite "Jabberwocky" 100 times. The film explains itself very nicely, thank you, and makes perfect sense in the world it creates. For Pete's sake, people, how much sense does Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory make?! It even has a nifty web site, featuring some nice design work and creepy audio (I recommend you use your headphones, cube cattle).

Also, I can't tell which is weirder here: the theft of Hitler's golden bookmark or finding out that such a thing existed. Apparently, it was given to him by Eva Braun in order to cheer him up after Germany's loss at Stalingrad. Next, the gang who stole it intends to go after Genghis Khan's "I Took the Black Sea" beach towel; Patton's ivory-handled boot brush; Judas Maccabeus' "We're here, G-d's will is clear, Get used to it" protest t-shirt; and the puppy given to Osama Bin Laden to perk him up after being chased from his favorite cave. I hear it's a rat terrier named Sniffy.


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