Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Thanks, Dana

While there are bloggers who have spent a large portion of the past two years pointing these things out, the "major media outlets" have continued to let Bush fold, spindle and mutilate the truth whenever he feels like it. Today, the Washington Post's Dana Milbank showed up to work with a list of Bushy B.S. In today's climate this probably means he's never going to speak to anyone in the White House ever again, so we appreciate him having the cojones to tell this story. (Although, if everyone in the press corps would push back when pushed, the White House just might have to start capitulating. The problem is, everyone's scared to report the truth because, if they do, conservatives squeal "Liberal Media!")

Update: The Daily Howler has Dana's back (but he does bite him in the ass a bit, too).


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