Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Republicans took Ken Lay's advice

Documents were made public Tuesday that showed that, in April of last year, Ken Lay sent a memo to his buddy, Dick Cheney, which suggested how Republicans should position themselves against Democrats. Republican politicians (and their toadies) listened.

Ken Lay said to link the Democrats to “regulation” and “government ownership.” Less than two months later, David Horowitz wrote the following: "To repeat the obvious: this is what caused the crisis originally: government regulations discouraged energy production, creating shortages. Government price controls made energy consumption cheap, encouraging demand. The result: crisis.

"As if the destructive proposal for price controls were not enough, California Democrats are also proposing state ownership of the means of transmission. Were Democrats asleep during the collapse of the Soviet empire? Apparently."

Unfortunately, he left out Enron's price gouging, but when a party contributor with deep pockets gives orders, toadies can only croak what they're told to croak.

Tom Delay sat up on his hind legs and barked at the sound of his master's voice, too, saying, one month after the memo that "we will also need to streamline government regulations, diversify energy sources, increase domestic supply, promote technology and research, among other things.” Which sounds eerily similar to the paragraph from Lay’s memo to his buddy, “Dick,” in which he suggests Republicans position themselves as the party of “abundan[ce], efficiency, new economy, innovation, open markets…”

Ken Lay spoke and the Republicans listened. God help us all.

Also, a big kudos to the Democratic senators in charge of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee who only now made this memo public. I would hate for a direct connection to Enron to have reflected badly on Republicans during an election.


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