Monday, November 04, 2002

Scooter, you can fly my wing anytime

Again, let me drop the military cred on you before I bitch about this: I've served in the Navy, in the Army Reserve (in Bosnia and Guatemala) and am currently in the Army National Guard. I've got nothing against the military (well, nothing major), but I'm horrified to read this. (I ought to point out here also that this site is solely my opinion and does not necessarily represent the opinions of any other members of the military services or anyone living or dead except myself. OK, one dead guy, but I ain't namin' names.)

It seems that in his "No Child Left Behind Act," Bush buried a law allowing recruiters to get contact information on every high schooler in the nation -- or that school would face losing federal funds. Now I wonder: If they pass their stinking voucher laws, will private schools be required to do the same to be allowed to accept vouchers? Some part of me doubts it. Oh yeah, it's my fucking brain!

Does anyone else remember how tight-lipped Air Force pilots were during the bombing of Afghanistan? Oh sure, they'd come on TV and brag about how they'd rocked the Taliban's world, but they wouldn't give their full names, in order to protect their families. I understand that, but it seems kind of ridiculous that pilots can go all secret squirrel on us, but high schoolers who want to keep their names away from the military risk killing the science program.


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