Monday, December 09, 2002

As if you even noticed

I was away for awhile and, although I now (through sitemeter) have proof that someone's reading these postings, I failed to get one single e-mail which pleaded: "Please, Nitpicker, don't abandon us!" or "We need you, Nitpicker!" I'm hurt.

Now, on with the show and what I missed over the past few days:

Dispatches from the "Party of Lincoln": Trent Lott said America would have been a better place without blacks in its white schools and Republicans in Louisiana tried to trick blacks into not voting.

On economy: Andrew Sullivan gives an excellent reason for you to put more money into savings right now.

On the "liberal" media: E.J. Dionne said, belatedly, that it's a myth. Meanwhile, Billy Moyers smacks Bill O'Reilly's ass like a newborn baby's.

On the war to come: Nitpicker may break down and by an actual TV show transcript, since 60 Minutes' Bob Simon picked apart all of Bush's falsehoods about why we should attack Iraq.


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