Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Dubya wants your lunch money

Julia, of Sisyphus Shrugged fame, on the bullying tactics of the modern conservative:

"(R)unning into a thug sets off trained reflexes in generation of people who know that if they speak up to Ann Coulter, especially if she's being blatantly abusive, their homework is going to end up in a clogged toilet some fine recess and even if they do speak up, no-one will do a damn thing about it. Because thugs enjoy hurting people, so they hurt people for fun."

I'm so with you, but couldn't just about anyone take away Tucker Carlson's baseball mitt? And wouldn't Rush have been called "butterball" as a kid? What's interesting is the juxtaposition of the bully nature of conservative politicians, when all their pundit bootlickers are like the little dog in the old cartoon, jumping around saying, "Can we bomb Iraq today, Spike? Can we? Huh? Can we? Let's get that Tom Daschle, Spike. Let's tear 'im limb from limb. I'll show ya I'm tough. I'll show ya. Don't I look tough, Spike? Don't I? Huh? Huh?"

Could it be that the smart kids (or, at least, geeks like Rush) who've co-opted their intelligence to serve illogic are only tolerated by the right because they kiss ass? Like the kid with the thick glasses who can get into his dad's liquor cabinet or the chubby kid who would let bullies belittle him just as long as he's included? Think not? Then consider Bush's attitude toward Larry Lindsey. "Bush blamed Lindsey for many of the administration's economic missteps in recent months and even complained privately about his failure to exercise physically, aides said."

In other words, Bush said, "Get out of here if you can't do anything for me, Fatty."


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