Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Fox News Smackdown

There's more to this, but this should give you a sense of how stupid Sean Hannity looked compared to Mike Farrell last night. I would hope that the lily-livered Alan Colmes was paying attention to the fact that, if you try to make conservatives show you where their lies come from, they can't take it. You should read the rest of the transcript, but you really had to see how flustered and idiotic Hannity looked when faced by a liberal with some cojones. That's why they all have radio shows -- they can cut you off and make it look like you've just gone away.

We pick up the action near the end...

HANNITY: I really wonder, I got to really wonder what would happen if all of the left-wing Hollywood actors signed a letter and sent it to Saddam Hussein and asked him to comply with the cease-fire agreement and U.N. resolutions that have been passed the over the years, I don't think they would get too far.

FARRELL: Is there a value in making these kinds of statements?

HANNITY: Yes, there is.

FARRELL: What is it?

HANNITY: Because, you know something, if you're wrong, a lot of people are going to die.

FARRELL: If I'm wrong about what?

HANNITY: If your organization, and I read all your information you have right here, if you guys are wrong in your predictions about what's going to happen with this war...

FARRELL: We didn't predict anything.


FARRELL: Excuse me, where did we predict anything, if that you're accusing us of having done.

HANNITY: Your prediction right here. This is all part of your -- when you read this part of this letter -- I'm asking you...

FARRELL: I wrote part of that letter. Tell me what we predicted.

HANNITY: Are you saying all these horrible things are going to happen if we go to war?

FARRELL: Tell me what we predicted.

HANNITY: I have your letter right here. I can read it if you like.

FARRELL: Please, I would appreciate it if you would.

HANNITY: I don't have enough time on the air.

But I'm asking you, you're sending this letter...


FARRELL: You don't want to read the letter?

HANNITY: What I want to know...

FARRELL: Listen, we sent -- we sent a letter, we made a statement that is released to the American people...

HANNITY: A statement, I'm sorry.

FARRELL: A statement -- thank you for correcting yourself. We made a statement that was released to the American people (This isn't in the official transcript, but, here, Hannity says "You get what I was saying.") -- you're not too hard to get, pal, when you're as far out to the right as you are.

FARRELL: We released a statement that says there is no need...

HANNITY: If you're wrong, innocent people die.

FARRELL: There is no need for the war rhetoric when we have inspectors on the ground doing the work that was charged by the United Nations. Why don't we let them do it.


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