Thursday, December 19, 2002

Hey, Senator Daschle!

How can you work on the hill with all those Republicans? With guys like the blatantly racist Conrad Burns hanging around, I'll bet it's a hell of a challenge.

Also, you've got to read Norah Vincent's latest nuttiness (via Atrios, via that other Roger Ailes). The money sentence? "As much as the blogosphere is full of brave and vital input, it's also full of the careless, mad and sometimes vengeful ravings of half-wits who will say anything, especially about established journalists and writers, just to attract more attention to their sites." Is it careless, mad or vengeful of me to say I think she's a crazy bitch?

Also, come on in, Attorney General Ashcroft. Get comfortable while we explain the process. You see, Senator Lott, Southern Partisan magazine and your own comments have set up this giant sling for you, and all you have to do is put your ass up here in it. TalkLeft has more.

Also, I belatedly add Calpundit and Body and Soul to my blogroll. Read the former's reason he couldn't take being a Republican and the latter's comment's on Jeb Bush, who finally got around to the "importance" of the Trent Lott debacle.


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