Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Lott's threat

Oh my. This is good. While I think that we, as Democrats, don't want to show too much glee over the whole Trent Lott affair (considering the fact that what he said really was despicable), I can't help but see this shot across the bow as a sign that the Republican snakes have turned on their own tails. Figure this: Everyone in Washington knows that Karl Rove is the anonymous, shadowy figure who's leaking info out of the White House. As we learned from Mr. DiIulio, nothing gets out without his say-so. However, the public at large seems to take no notice of the man who holds the ring in Dubya's nose.

So, it seems to me that, in complaining about leakers and others in the White House, Lott seems to be threatening to pull back the curtain and show Mr. Rove working the levers and pulleys of the Great and Powerful Oz. We know he's already threatened to jump ship if pushed out of the Majority Leader spot. We know he's already sold out his ideals and his region to save himself (saying that he supports, suddenly, Affirmative Action and saying that the south was led by "immoral" leaders). Is he now saying that if he goes, he's going to take Rove with him?

Tell me if I'm crazy.


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