Friday, December 13, 2002

Mickey, what does it take?

Mickey Kaus found another way to dig at Howell Raines for calling Paul Krugman up to the "big time" instead of him. He said that the Rainesman was "hilariously... asleep at the switch" when the Lott scandal went down.

What's weird is he does this in a paragraph predicting "blogger triumphalism" would be the "only downside... to Lott reliquishing his leadership post." Then he makes this statement: "(W)ouldn't Lott eventually have gotten into big trouble for his remarks even if the Web didn't exist?"

The answer, Mickey, is probably not. Until blogs became as important as they are (at least for show and column prep for the "traditional" media), this kind of stuff was routinely swept under the carpet. This was proven this last week by the uncovering of so much junk on Trent Lott which wasn't common knowledge before. Everyone has been left scratching their heads, saying, "How did this guy get to where he is in the first place?"


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"He wouldn't let Pancake 'take the mike' out of him."

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