Friday, December 20, 2002

Read this

Though I'm having trouble linking to the actual entry, go check out Big Jim Cappozola's answer to Norah Vincent's nasty column yesterday. It's delicious. My favorite part:

"Her piece is tendentious, misleading, and dishonest. It’s clever, though, the manner in which she attempts to use the traditional media’s alleged superiority to her advantage. It goes like this: A blogger I will not name said something mean about me. I wrote in the L.A. Times that it’s not true. The L.A. Times has editors and fact-checkers to make certain errors are corrected. Therefore, what is said about this matter in the L.A. Times must be true. End of story.

"I don’t think so."

Very nice.

Also, even with all the controversy surrounding Trent Lott, North Carolina Republican Congressman Cass Ballenger said that he "had segregationist feelings" because he had to listen to Cynthia McKinney. Setting aside the fact that McKinney's kookiness probably had nothing to do with her race and whether or not this guy's a racist, you've got to ask yourself when a person is just too stupid to lead.


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