Friday, January 10, 2003

I tell you where to go

Get over to Zogby right away:

Slightly more than one in three voters (35%) say they would vote to re-elect President Bush regardless of who he runs against, compared to 56% who would not vote to re-elect Bush regardless of who he runs against. (Via Atrios).

Check out the chickens coming home to roost as ably described by Beyond the Wasteland.

I came across an interesting fact while researching the history of North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. The North Koreans manufactured all of their Plutonium between 1987 and 1991, this being, of course, during the Reagan/Bush and Bush I administrations.

Try to fathom that Washington Times columnist Suzanne Fields wrote this:
Joe Lieberman is smart, but a yarmulke is not a ten-gallon hat. He's definitely not cool. (Jews rarely are.)

Ms. Fields must have missed this page. (The Other Roger Ailes -- the man who beat me in the best new blog category of Dwight Meredith's Koufax Awards -- has more here.)

Mad props to The Poor Man, who wrote this open letter to Bush:
And I know we were all supposed to be impressed with you after September 11th, and, yes, you did a good job of playing President. And everyone kind of forgot about all the dumb stuff for a little while, because we thought maybe we might all be dead tomorrow, so we'd better stick together, and if I say something mean about the President and then someone kills him I'll feel pretty bad. And in a lot of ways you were very good, looking very grim and determined looking in a situation that was difficult emotionally, but, let's face it, kind of a no-brainer policy-wise. "Kill the mutherfuckers" was, indeed, the correct response, and it was carried out with some efficacy, but it's not exactly rocket science.


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