Thursday, January 09, 2003

Your "liberal media" at work

Why is it that when Kathleen Sebelius -- the newly elected Democratic governor of Kansas -- held meetings on how to best trim the state's miserably failing budget, the Associated Press decided to take her to court, even thought they didn't do the same thing when Dick Cheney decided to keep his Energy Task Force information secret? It was tossed out because she wasn't required to meet open meetings regulations because she's not the governor yet.

By the way, I would've been back sooner, but Blogger hates me. Google seems to like me, though. It says: "Nitpicker is forever; Nitpicker is nasty enough; and Nitpicker is one who has quite a firm hold on the real world." It's right, too, when it says that "Nitpicker is proud of you."


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