Friday, February 21, 2003

Gentle Ben

I usually don't pay much attention to Ben Shapiro. Why would I? Why would anyone? But, as I was reading TBogg's account of how confused Ben was by the Sam Goldwyn's excellent 1946 film The Best Years of Their Lives, something occurred to me. Isn't Shapiro, who's goes to great lengths to talk about what a "patriot" he is, only 19? Isn't that, like, the perfect fucking age to enlist in the goddamn military and put his ass on the line? He seems to thinks it's an excellent idea for others to die for a cause.

Sure, you can argue that there are plenty of conservatives who haven't served in the military who are supporting the war, but it's a little late for Rush "Anal Cysts" Limbaugh and George "Divinity School" Will to put their money where their mouth is, but Ben, if he were half the man his mouth makes him out to be, would march his ass down to a recruiter's office posthaste. If he doesn't, he's completely full of shit.


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