Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Military readiness, Bush-style

I saw a quote from G-Dub that said, “It’s one of the saddest things about the Presidency.” Curious, because I would think that choosing the saddest thing about this presidency is trying to pick the cutest of a litter of black lab puppies, I went to Runner’s World. There I found out that Bush wasn’t talking about this crazy war he’s got coming or his environmental policies or the pitiful state of the economy or the virtual police state his buddy Ashcroft is whipping up or – well, you get the picture. No, George was saying that the saddest thing about the Presidency was that he just doesn’t get to jog as much as he used to. Honest.

What interested me, as a member of the National Guard*, was this little bit of info:

When did you begin running?

You were 25 then. Did you start running because of health concerns?
Yes. I was still very young, but I was so out of shape, a friend of mine played to my vanity to get me to start running. Back then, I was a man who was known to drink a beer or two. And over time, I’m convinced that running helped me quit drinking and smoking. [Bush quit drinking in 1986.] It’s well-documented that Billy Graham provided the spiritual contrast of the body temple which allowed me to convince myself to stop drinking. (Italics Nitpicker’s)

If you’ll refer to this excellent chart at uggabugga, then you’ll realize that the time when Bush was “so out of shape,” the man was supposed to be an officer in the Texas Air National Guard. What does this say of the man’s leadership that he let himself get “so out of shape” when he was a member (an officer!), ostensibly, of the military? What about the fact that it took playing to his “vanity” to get him to start running and not the fact that it was his responsibility as a member of the US Armed Forces to keep himself in a physical state of readiness?


It may, however, explain this.

*These opinions, as always, are mine alone and in no way reflect the opinions of the DOD, the U.S. Army or the Kansas Army National Guard.


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