Friday, February 14, 2003

More conservative silencing of opposition

The bastards at Viacom won't run anti-war billboard ads (via Atrios):

Viacom, however, says it had legitimate reasons to decline the advertisements. “The issue was not the content of the ad, but the guidelines for taking ads from organizations of this type,” a Viacom spokesperson told NEWSWEEK. “They didn’t meet the guidelines.” According to the spokesperson, those guidelines are: to pay upfront; to give a 30-day advance notice of the ad, and to display contact information on the billboard. A Viacom official said the organization did not comply with the first two. The official also said the company is more cautious with political ads and dot-com organizations. But Manso says that Viacom is “backpedaling” because they’ve been embarrassed. “At no time were we presented with guidelines,” he says, noting that he dealt with sales reps in four cities. “And that’s just not the way business is done.”

The problem is that they aren't so cautious with Republican ads. I know of at least three billboards near me which were put up by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America which were put up after the last election which say only "Congratulations, Senator Roberts" of "Congratulations, Congressman Ryun" with a big ol' picture of the Republican bastards. I contacted the OAAA and was told that this wasn't supporting them, but a "public information campaign," because "studies show that many people don't even know who their representatives are." I'm sure that at least some of the billboards on which they bought space are Viacom-owned and there wasn't a bit of real "contact information" on that site. I had to get on the web, on the phone and jump up and down to speak to someone.

This issue, as you can see if you go to the OAAA Government Affairs website, is that these bastards push "property rights," so that anyone who owns property could, theoretically put up a huge-ass sign that spoils your view of whatever mountain or building you might want to see.

Therefore, OAAA members kiss Republican ass every chance they get, including, apparently, silencing their opposition.

In fact, go to the site now and you'll see that their "Capitol Spotlight" is on Inhofe, who: "is the new chairman of the Senate’s 19-member Environment & Public Works Committee" and "is pro-business and supports property rights." You'll also see that they're stroking the Bushes with their "State and Local Spotlight":

Forty states now have anti-amortization protection of property. The latest state to adopt anti-amortization legislation: Florida. When Gov. Jeb Bush signed the bill, he said, “We must always be wary of the government taking or regulating away the use of property, tangible or real.

This is friggin' pitiful.


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