Thursday, February 13, 2003

More fun Hatch quotes

Updating the previous post about the hypocritical Senator Hatch, the Omaha World-Herald reminds us in an excellent editorial that Orrin said this a few years ago, too:

I believe the Senate can and should do what it can to ascertain the jurisprudential views a nominee will bring to the bench in order to prevent the confirmation of those who are likely to be judicial activists... It will require the Senate to be more diligent and extensive in its questioning of nominees' jurisprudential views.

Hear, hear, Senator. Now show us your not full of shit and demand that Estrada answers some questions.Thanks to Stephen at To the Barricades! for pointing this out.)

Update: Michael Kinsley has more on this subject, including this response to Republicans who are calling Democrats "anti-Hispanic":

The seat Republicans want to give Estrada is only open because Republicans successfully blocked a Clinton nominee. Two Clinton nominations to the D.C. Circuit were blocked because Republicans said the circuit had too many judges already. Now Bush has sent nominations for both those seats. Hatch and others accuse Democrats of being anti-Hispanic for opposing Estrada. With 42 circuit court vacancies to fill, Estrada is the only Hispanic Bush has nominated. Clinton nominated 11, three of whom the Republicans blocked.

Again, people, I ask you: How can these hypocrites sleep at night?


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