Monday, February 10, 2003


I'm still busy catching up on work that fell through the cracks while I was away, but thought I would mention these things which had been on my mind.

::Would the 2nd Amendment, from an NRA perspective, protect our ownership of guns like that look like cell phones? Why or why not?

::We already know (thank you Mr. DiIulio) that the White House is full of "Mayberry Machiavellis." Could they be so Machiavellian, though, as to be pushing against the United Nations for the express purpose of destroying it? Remember, this is the way the League of Nations fell and "Get the U.S. out of the U.N." is the screed to be found on signs in the kookiest of right-wingers front yards.

::Using the same logic applied by the Bush Administration when it says that, because terrorist could be hiding in Iraq we must attack that country, couldn't we also attack Camp Lejeune?

::If this kind of crap is what people who want to "defend" the United States write, then what exactly is it they are trying to defend?

::While I was gone, people seem to have forgotten that the current administration is only an H initial and a Quayle away from being the same bastards who lied to us so much to justify the Gulf War. Remember the "312 premature babies at Kuwait City's maternity hospital who died after Iraqi soldiers stole their incubators and left the infants on the floor"? Then why would we believe the evidence they present us now, no matter how good it looks. Remember, this "evidence" is some vague shit and, as my man Dr. Tom Spencer points out, is looking a bit sketchier every single day.


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