Wednesday, February 19, 2003

You must read this

An excellent article by Nicholas von Hoffman, who's really got Bush's number and writes about it very well. Check it:

To justify the indefensible, the administration and its defenders are prone to talk about "appeasement" and compare Saddam Hussein with Hitler. But one of the reasons Hitler was appeased was that he commanded a frightening, nearly invincible war machine. It took almost the entire world to defeat him, and it was a close thing at that. The Second World War lasted from 1939 to 1945. Will it take six years to defeat Saddam, or six days, or six hours? Whatever his intentions, he has no tanks, no airplanes, no submarines, no nothing. Anyone comparing this guy with Hitler has no understanding of how terrible Hitler was. That Saddam is a despicable gangster politician does not make his country a military power. It is all but defenseless against the United States, which has been bombing the place for years without losing a single aircraft or pilot. It even lacks the military capabilities of North Korea, a country which does have a set of sharp little teeth, and you can see the difference in George W. Bush’s approach to Kim Jung Il. Instead of the nailed boot, he gets the pussied foot.


By the way, it seems like Americans are generally getting wise to Bush, as his latest poll numbers suggest.

Also, Digby, belatedly added to the blogroll at left, has an wonderful essay today, which spanks Tom Friedman so hard I almost pity the stupid little bastard. An excerpt:

You’re complaining that "The Bush folks are big on attitude, weak on strategy and terrible at diplomacy.” No shit Sherlock. Perhaps you should decline the next time a Bushie offers you a Viagra and Jim Beam cocktail before you write such simpleminded and immature drivel. You and your half-witted friends have enabled this group of Neanderthals since 9/11 with silly screeds... I hope it made you feel all manly and powerful at the time because it sure is causing a lot of trouble now.



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