Friday, April 04, 2003


Here's another example of the kind of bullshit which drives me up the wall:

Since this war started, there have been reports issued about finding chemical suits and gas masks. Just seconds ago, CNN bobblehead doll Robin Meade tried to connect the dots for all of us benighted retards when someone reported from the field that an embedded journalist had seen "gas masks on the bodies of Iraqi soldiers." Robin, military genius that she is, said, roughly, "That does bring up a good question, why would they be worrying about protecting themselves from chemical weapons if they weren't planning on using them?"

Doesn't Robin know that every American soldier in the field is required to carry a gas mask? Does that mean, then, that Americans intend to use chemical weapons? Of course not. It only means that soldiers have to protect themselves against their enemy.

I know that there are some that think that I'm implying that American soldiers would use chemical weapons, but I'm not. I'm sure that Iraqis don't believe we'll use chemical weapons, either. We could very possibly use CS (tear) gas, though, which could be fended off by the same kinds of gas masks.

Robin Meade and her ilk are either blatantly carrying the Bushies' propaganda water, are woefully uninformed or are just simply idiots.

I think they're all three.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you in the military? Man, you're a friggin' retard!!!
,Army Guy

5:07 AM  

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