Thursday, June 19, 2003

Dean gives the digits

John Dean on Hannity and Colmes:

COLMES: Back to our debate with the former White House counsel to President Nixon, John Dean.

You know, one can -- we set a precedent when we impeached President Clinton over lying about sex, granted lying under oath, and that was the issue.

But his, you're talking about, if it happened, lying about something that would cause America to go to war, put people in harm's way and result in the loss of life on the part of both Americans and Iraqis, both military and civilian. Do you see an analogy there?

DEAN: I see a very great difference, actually, between the two.

I think that lying over bringing a nation to war would be a much more serious charge than would be lying over sex, and I think the American people and the Senate certainly made that determination, that it wasn't really an abuse of his office. It wasn't a high crime or misdemeanor. And I think that is exactly what the founders who wrote that document had in mind, that those sorts of offense were not were...

COLMES: So lay it out for us. Under what circumstances, what would have to happen -- give us a road map to impeachment, if you really believe that's something that's viable at some point.

What would have to happen for that to be a step that would be taken?

DEAN: Well, I'm not going to give you a road map to impeachment, because I'm one who would not wish any president to go through impeachment.

What I see as the problem is, if there has been a deliberate manipulation of the intelligence agencies, one, it would be a serious fraud. There is a statute called 18-USC-371, which is a conspiracy to defraud the United States. The mere act of interfering with or improperly influencing any agency or department of government, indeed, is a serious felony in the United States.

You really must read the whole thing. I didn't watch the show, but you can just feel Hannity reaching for something, anything to make Bush look better.


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