Thursday, June 26, 2003


In the Pentagon:

The Pentagon has awarded a 48-million-dollar contract to train the nucleus of a new Iraqi army to Vinnell Corporation, a US firm which also trains members of the Saudi National Guard.

Work on the contract announced Wednesday was to begin July 1. The Fairfax, Virginia-based company, a subsidiary of the US aerospace firm Northrup Grumman, said on its website it was hiring former US army and marine officers to train light infantry battalions and combat service support units for the new Iraqi army.

At least two of the members of Rumsfeld's hand-picked Defense Policy Review Board have direct connections with Northrop Grumman: Lobbyist Chris Williams and David Williams, who's on their advisory board.

Apparently, after John Conyers failed to get the DOD's Inspector General to open up an investigation into Richard Perle's shady dealings, the Bushies have decided they can get away with whatever they want.


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