Friday, June 06, 2003

The Unsinkable Georgie Bush?

While Fox News has been pushing a poll that says that Bush would win in an election against Hillary (who knew she was running?), everyone seems to have overlooked the fact that in poll after poll, his approval ratings have been sliding down in the past two months. Fox’s most recent poll only has him falling about five points, but others have him dropping twice as fast in the same amount of time.

Fox News:
June 4: 66%
April 9: 71%
Total drop: 5%

CNN/USA Today/Gallup
June 1: 64%
April 6: 70%
Total drop: 6%

May 30: 61%
April 11: 71%
Total drop: 10%

CBS News/New York Times
May 28: 64%
April 13: 73%
Total drop: 9%

Pew Research Center
June 4: 65%
April 9: 73%
Total drop: 9%

I don’t show these to say anything but this: With a downward trend in poll numbers, don’ t you think it’s about time that we quit seeing stories that suggest that Bush is unbeatable? Remember, he was barely over a 50% approval rating before the war started and Fox’s own polls show a 26% jump right after September 11, while other polls say it was over a 30% jump. Clearly people aren’t rallying around Bush, but around events. When they have time to look at the other news going on in the world and aren’t just waving the flag, Bush starts to look worse and worse.


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