Thursday, June 05, 2003

Well, he was really interesting...

During a hearing before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation yesterday, it was pointed out that FCC Chairman (and Colin Powell's son) Michael Powell and the Republican members of the FCC met with a single lobbyist 37 times while deciding whether or not to relax media ownership regulations. They attended only one public hearing. When asked to explain, Powell cited the cost of such meetings:

Republican FCC Chairman Michael Powell said that hearing cost $20,000, and the commission didn't have enough money for more.

Yet Democratic Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein held nine other hearings around the country on a shoestring budget. Each routinely drew 400 to 500 people but received little media coverage. None of the other commissioners attended, and the total cost of all the hearings was $20,000, Copps said.

Copps said the FCC heard from more than 750,000 people, and 99.9 percent opposed changing the media ownership rules.

It seems that Michael still hasn't learned from his daddy how to obfuscate well. Just another sign that Republican nepotism in Washington is way out of hand. Remember, while there are many Democrats who have family members who work in Washington, it's Republicans, who are supposed to oppose government bureaucracy, who most often put their lips against the federal teat. Just to name a few, there's Billy Rehnquist's daughter,the embarrassingly corrupt Janet Rehnquist; when Dick Armey's son, Scott, failed to win daddy's house seat, the Dick set him up with a cushy job working in the General Services Administration (and then tried to arrange FCC rules to punish the media, who he blamed for the loss); there's Frank "Fuck the Caribou" Murkowski, who left the Senate to run for governor of Alaska, won, and the appointed his daughter, Lisa to the post; Dick Cheney’s daughter works for the Department of State and her husband for the OMB; and there's still Elaine Chao (Mrs. Mitch McConnell) and many others.

It's this kind of clear, embarrassingly obvious hypocrisy ("Government is bad, but my baby needs its money!") that just makes me want to freaking scream. It wouldn't make me so angry if these people were the best and the brightest, but, as Michael Powell has proven, they're often the bottom of the barrel.

P.S.: Lest we forget, go back and look at uggabugga's handy chart which proves that Republican-voting states like to attach themselves to the tax teat as well.


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