Monday, July 28, 2003

Bill Thomas, Asshole

I was reading the New York Times article on Rep. Bill Thomas (R-CA) today and I found something that should have had people calling him an asshole long before he called the cops on Democrats:

The portly and bespectacled Mr. Thomas, 61, represents the southern end of California's Central Valley, the cradle of one of the richest farm belts in the nation. He grew up poor — his father was a plumber and his family lived in public housing for a time — put himself through college and then taught political science at a community college in Bakersfield.

So, despite the fact that big, bad government helped out the Thomas family when it was in a bind, this bastard then happily signed off on this year's Omnibus Spending Bill, which cut the housing subsidy by 10 percent, all to help fund that tax cut, which goes mostly to the rich.

Like Newt Gingrich before him -- who railed against the big, bad government which had supported him all of his life -- Bill Thomas is a hypocritical bastard. Don't let his sad puppy dog eyes fool you.


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