Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Bush: Those damn journalists


Q I wanted to ask you about Iran, one of your other countries in the axis of evil. One of the things we learned from that march to war is that when you start warning countries, they better pay attention. Are we now in the early stages of a march to war in Iran? Or are they more like in the category of North Korea?

THE PRESIDENT: No, I -- look, Hutch, I remember right after Iraq the first thing that happened out of -- out of some writers' pens was that, oh, no, they're getting ready to attack either Syria or Iran. You know, the march to war is just a campaign that's just going to march everywhere.


Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz - regarded as the real architect of the Iraqi war and its aftermath - said on Thursday that 'the Syrians have been shipping killers into Iraq to try and kill Americans', adding: 'We need to think about what our policy is towards a country that harbors terrorists or harbors war criminals.

'There will have to be change in Syria, plainly,' said Wolfowitz.


"Change is needed in all those three countries (Iran, Syria and Lybia), and a few others besides," Richard Perle told the London-based author and analyst Amir Taheri.


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