Thursday, July 17, 2003

Family values

Look, does it really need to be pointed out that the Republicans who scream about "family values" the loudest have the most screwed up kids? Now Mitch McConnell's daughter is in the news:

The first sign of trouble came last year when one couple learned their daughter had been strapped into her chair with a leather belt.

Since then, more than a dozen parents have removed their elementary school youngsters amid complaints about disciplinary tactics by one of the teachers at Hawthorne Valley. Punishment included tying the hands of students and taping their mouths shut if they misbehaved.

The teacher who doled it out, Claire McConnell, apologized, saying in a June 24 letter, "I am sorry for my disciplinary misjudgment, very sorry. ... I request your forgiveness."

Her colleagues wouldn't discuss the situation other than to say they are moving to put the furor behind them.

"We're still working on it," said Patrice Maynard, a teacher and mentor to McConnell. McConnell is the daughter of Sen. Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky.

Hey, maybe if my kids were being taught by his daughter, I might favor prayer in schools, too.

I wonder what Chelsea's doing these days...


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