Thursday, July 10, 2003

Go, Al, Go!

No no no. Not that Al. I'm talking about Al Sharpton. If you didn't see how easily and calmly he cleaned Hannity's clock last night, you're really missing out. I'm eagerly awaiting the transcript.

Sharpton is the one guy who unabashedly says what everyone else is (probably) thinking. He's the first national figure I've seen who has used the lying about sex vs. lying about a war comparison and then said, "If it's proven Bush lied, of course he should be impeached."

The one area where I thought Hannity was going to get him was when he pointed out that Sharpton had written favorably of Fidel Castro. Sharpton said, basically, that he had been writing a book about leadership and, even though he didn't agree with the guy, had to acknowledge that Castro had lead a revolution and outlasted nine American presidents. "I don't believe anything you believe, Sean, but if I was teaching someone how to debate, I'd tell them to look at Sean Hannity." Perfect.

Update: Hannity needs to go after the evil bastard who said, "Well, Pol Pot, charming guy." (Please note sarcasm.)


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