Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Holy crap!

Chris Matthews smashed Ann Coulter.

MATTHEWS: Well, let’s talk about the leaders of the Democratic Party over the years. It-was Jack Kennedy a traitor, was he guilty of treason?

COULTER: He was not as strong a president...


MATTHEWS: But was he guilty of treason. That is what you are saying about him. I read the book.

COULTER: ... as a Republican would have been. But I’m referring, as I say again, I’m referring to a party that is functionality treasonable.

MATTHEWS: Well, let me get to the bottom line here...

COULTER: No, he shouldn’t have been tried.

MATTHEWS: I just want to know who you mean, because I think it is a very well written book, but I find it hard for you to step back from the strength of this book on television. Was Jack Kennedy a traitor?

COULTER: No, he was not a traitor.

MATTHEWS: Was he guilty of treason?

COULTER: His heart was in the right place but he was surrounded by bad policymakers...


MATTHEWS: Was he guilty of treason...

COULTER: ... and he harms the country and its national security. No. I’ve said he is not guilty of treason. I am speaking of a party. If there were just a few...


MATTHEWS: OK. I am just going to go through the leaders of the Democratic Party, because you are talking about a party. So I am trying to be fair with you. Was Harry Truman a traitor?

COULTER: He promoted a known soviet spy, Harry Dexter White, after the FBI told him that. After Winston Churchill gave his iron curtain speech, he invited Stalin to come give a rebuttal speech. Truman and Kennedy were far better than today’s Democrats were, but this is a party that has been creeping toward a refusal to defend America.

MATTHEWS: Has Harry Truman...


COULTER: I’m not talking about individuals.

MATTHEWS: ... Republicans, I am going to keep doing this. I am trying to nail down so that people can decide whether to read a book or not. Was Harry Truman guilty of treason?

COULTER: I think it’s a more important indictment and you can keep asking me to say this is an entire party that cannot be trusted.


MATTHEWS: You say the Democratic Party is guilty of treason. I just want you to tell me which of the top Democrats, not go into details-I agree with you by the way about Harry Dexter White. I agree with you about Alger Hiss. There is a lot of these people guilty of treason,...

COULTER: But you are asking me...

MATTHEWS: ... but which Democratic Party official-which official of the Democratic Party, or its leadership...

COULTER: I’ll give you my thesis again. My thesis is, that the entire Democratic Party cannot be trusted with the defense of the nation.

MATTHEWS: Start with a name, please.

COULTER: It is not to start trying a few individuals. I wouldn’t...


MATTHEWS: OK. We’re not getting anywhere here because you don’t want to give me any names.

COULTER: That is because I am talking about the Democratic Party. That is the name I'm trying to give you.
MATTHEWS: OK. Half the American people, roughly, in most elections averaged over the last 50 years have voted Democrat, let’s face it, for president. Those people who vote for Democratic candidates for president after hearing their case with regard to foreign policy, why would they vote for someone who you say is a traitor?

COULTER: Because this story has not been told, because I have what has been systemically excluded from history books in high school and college, and that is why I wrote this book, to prove to Democrats, as Joe McCarthy said...

MATTHEWS: But half the people in the U.S. Army are probably Democrats. You say they vote for Democrats out of treasonable reasons?

So... The Democratic Party is treasonous, but no Democrats are. As always, she's making all kinds of sense, huh?

Now, before you start feeling all "goofy" about the 200-pound 12-year-old that is Chris Matthews, rush over to The Daily Howler and look up some old Matthews failures. In this instance, though, he seemed to actually be interested in keeping someone honest for once. Go read the whole thing.

His excellent closing statement, by the way, was "I don’t agree with her, but she’s a hell of a writer. And thank you very much for coming on. She’s a real charmer. Ann Coulter. The last book was called Slander. Maybe this one should have been called that too."



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