Monday, July 28, 2003

The stupidest column ever




Republicans are getting so desperate it's funny. Read Bill "Bush=McCarthy" Kristol's latest and you'll see just how desperate they are:

Almost two weeks ago, the president ordered his White House staff to bollix up its explanation of that now-infamous 16-word "uranium from Africa" sentence in his State of the Union address. As instructed, and with the rhetorical ear and political touch for which they have become justly renowned, assorted senior administration officials, named and unnamed, proceeded to unleash all manner of contradictory statements. The West Wing stood by the president's claim. Or it didn't. Or the relevant intelligence reports had come from Britain and were faulty. Or hadn't and weren't. Smelling blood, just as they'd been meant to, first the media--and then the Democratic party--dove into the resulting "scandal" head first and fully clothed.

Get that? Bush ordered his staff to look stupid! He was just leading the Democrats into a trap!

As he sits back and chuckles at what Kristol calls "his nefarious scheme," I wonder what "nefarious" purpose he might have had in allowing his approval ratings to drop like a stone.

Note to Kristol: Considering your recent "outing" as a pater plagiarist, you may want to look into seeing a therapist, since your latest column displays either your first brush with real honesty or a major Freudian slip. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines nefarious as "flagrantly wicked or impious" or "evil" from the Greek word nefas, meaning crime.


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