Monday, July 28, 2003


In the stupidest column ever (below), William Kristol repeatedly says that George Bush is a genius. Here's the genius today in Philly:

You see, if you believe every child can learn, then you ought to be asking the question to those who are spending our money: are you teaching the child? That's what we ought to be asking all across America. And now there's accountability plans being put in place in 50 states, plus Puerto Rico and the District. I know people are concerned about testing. I've heard this debate a lot. They say it's discriminatory to measure and compare results. I say it is discriminatory not to measure. I think it's important to know whether or not our schools are succeeding. We simply have got to stop shuffling our children from grade to grade without asking the question, have they been taught to learn to read and write and add and subtract?

I believe it is those who believe certain can't learn that are willing to shuffle them through.

Note the absence of public speaking skills in the President's list of things children should learn.


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