Thursday, July 24, 2003

Wolfowitticisms, Part II

July 23, 2003:

But in addition to the fear of the regime, there's a certain fear of us of a different kind, that we will repeat the performance of 1991 and we will leave and Saddam will come back. And we heard quite a few times that the rumor that is being spread by the Ba'athists, believe it or not, is that: "We have a deal with the CIA." And in the Middle East, people will believe almost anything.

He added, "I even heard one guy say he believes that 'there is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet.'" He then made the circling finger motion near his temple and mimicked the sound of a cuckoo clock.

It gets better, though.

Here's how Wolfie "clarified" that statement a few minutes later:

It's a comment on how we are seen as a country that can do anything, that can restore power overnight. Sometimes it's nice to have the reputation for being almost godlike, but frankly, I think it produces this phenomenon that if something isn't happening, it must be because the Americans don't want it to happen; and they begin to invent the most elaborate reasons to explain it. And the fact is -- you know it -- we often just make mistakes. We do stupid things. And then people spend years and years afterwards with elaborate explanations of not, "Gee the Americans are stupid," but, "There must be some very ingenious plot here."

The man's a genius. Middle Easterners will believe anything and we do stupid things. Thanks, Paul, for clearing that up.

(Wolfowitticism I)


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