Thursday, August 28, 2003

Around the Neighborhood

First, TBogg's back! Go read everything.

Pay special attention to the snippet from from Austin Bay's new novel, the aptly titled, The Wrong Side of Brightness. For my money, this sentence tells me more than I need to know about this book (and convinces me a Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia really isn't all that you might think it would be):

The atrocities: our euphoria preceded the atrocities.

The man's the next Hemingway.

And Dwight Meredith drags a less prominent Republican bullshit artist out into the light.

And Kos is back (without his luggage) and he's pissed about Bush's war.

And Atrios points us to an L.A. Times story, in which U.S. intelligence officers try to convince us that Saddam intentionally made us believe he had weapons, even though he didn't.

And the above story is pissing Tom Spencer of royally (and justifiably).

And There's a chart up at uggabugga which lays out the history of Bush's "compassion."


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