Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Begging to differ

Look. I love Josh Marshall. You all know that. He's like the brother I never met -- the handsomer, smarter, better respected... Screw it. I like him less with every adjective. My point is that he's a smart guy and, usually, knows his stuff vis-a-vis politics.

However, I have a real bone to pick with his take on Clinton-hating/Bush-hating comparisons.

The way I read it, he's saying that Bush had to rise above the Clinton-haters to be able to draw in the middle-of-the-road crowd. I think that's a less than complete understanding of the issue. The last election didn't turn on anger, but on issues. Bush pulled people over to his side not by being an outsider, but by hiding his conservatism in moderate rhetoric.

It's true, though. America was sick of the "Get Clinton" crowd. It wasn't, however, because they were sick of "rage." They were simply tired of misdirected partisan rage. Americans didn't like Clinton-haters because they didn't buy what the American Spectator crowd was selling. It's the plain truth. They knew that every action was politically motivated and his "crimes" were being blown out of proportion. Poll after poll told that story.

Bush, however, ran on a moderate platform which has been shown by his actions to have been nothing but a façade, a cover for his real beliefs. He had a reputation of being a straight-shooter but has proven himself a bullshit artist. He lies without compunction and has failed miserably in his attempts to restore "responsibility" to the White House. Those are real issues and they should make people angry. I think America will understand anger like that.


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