Friday, August 15, 2003

A big, fair and balanced middle finger to Roger Ailes

Wow! As my man Cyrus said in the great/awful movie The Warriors, "Can you count, suckers? ... Can you dig it? Can you dig it? CAAAANNN YOUUUU DIG ITTT!?"

Check out this list of Fair and Balanced Day bloggers. Apparently, Roger Ailes didn't realize that people actually take their First Amendment rights seriously. Go figure. But where are Insty and Andy?

Also, I've repaired the glaring error on the Fair and Balanced Day t-shirt (any profits will be donated to the ACLU) and added an "I Made Bill O'Reilly Cry" coffee mug. Pick one up for yourself or, if you want, send one to your favorite lefty in Congress. I'm thinking that one would look really nice on the desk of Rep. Barney Frank, for example.

And, if you missed it, check out my fair and balanced post on serial liar, Bill O'Reilly. You'll have to scroll down, though, links are bloggered.


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