Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Bozell and Horowitz hear the Clark train a-comin'

Knowing that Clark (whom the Nitpicker supports, if you were wondering) would be a hard candidate for Bush to run against, Bozell's CNS News is reporting that Wesley Clark is being criticized as an advocate of nation-building.

First, this is funny, considering what we're doing in Iraq right now, but, more obvious is the desperation Bozell's troops are showing as they try to find whatever they can with which they can pick at Clark. Let's look at who is "criticizing" the General:

  • John Hulsman, a senior foreign policy analyst with the Heritage Foundation

  • Doug Bandow, a senior fellow with the Cato Institute

  • Robert Maginnis, a national security analyst with the Fox News Channel

  • Wow. Thank God the CNS was doing their best to "put a higher premium on balance than spin." Although, since Heinrich Himmler is unavailable for comment, I don't know how they could have put more spin on it.

    David "I was never ultra-left, just really, really, really left" Horowitz's FrontPage shock troops are starting to wake up and smell the electoral college asskicking, too. Today, Lowell Ponte (Ponte...Isn't that French? --The Poor Man.) brings out all the old Anti-Clark crap. He ran the operation at Waco and burned babies. He's not a real soldier (?), but a "perfumed Prince" (via the eternal Colonel, David "No Stars" Hackworth, who's an asshole that just loves to go after those who are clearly his betters). His "meteoric" rise to four stars was based on politics, not the fact he graduated first in his class at West Point, was a Rhodes Scholar and served bravely in Vietnam. Hell, Ponte even loses track of who the good guys are supposed to be now:

    The Rhodes Scholarships had been set up by British imperialist Cecil Rhodes to educate the brightest American youngsters in England, a once-secret codicil in his will made clear, so that they would go home and help bring America back under the political sway of the British Empire.

    But Monsieur Ponte, I thought the British were our allies!

    All of this sudden lying, dodging and right-wing pants-wetting should alert everyone that Wesley Clark is a force to be reckoned with.


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