Thursday, August 14, 2003

Keeping the UN out of Iraq

Today in the Times:

The Bush administration has abandoned the idea of giving the United Nations more of a role in the occupation of Iraq as sought by France, India and other countries as a condition for their participation in peacekeeping there, administration officials said today.

Instead, the officials said, the United States would widen its effort to enlist other countries to assist the occupation forces in Iraq, which are dominated by the 139,000 United States troops there.

A cynical person might think that Bush doesn't want the UN touching his oil, but I think that cynical person would be wrong. Bush already has the UN pretty cowed, considering they gave the US and Britain autonomy over the oil fields with 1483, so it's not the oil that's keeping the UN out of Iraq. The reason Bush doesn't want the UN in Iraq is because he's afraid that Saddam will turn himself over to, say, the French, who won't turn him over to the United States. Then, instead of either being dead or sweating in a tiny room in Cuba, he will be taken to the Hague, where he will report on all the good times he and his old buddy Donny had back in the day. God knows what sort of memos he might be dragging around in his briefcase, right?

Just watch. We'll catch or kill Saddam soon and then Rumsfeld, blatant as ever, will put the welcome mat out for whatever furriners want to help out in Iraq.


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