Friday, August 15, 2003

The man kicks Nitpicker in his fair and balanced ass

If you're looking for the fair and balanced t-shirt, it's gone:


Some of the images in your account have been set to 'pending' status due of the following reason: Your image(s) may be Copyright/Trademark protected and require a license prior to the use for merchandise sales.

Please review Section 4.3 of our User Agreement relating to prohibited items: htp://

You may also visit our Copyright/Trademark FAQ page for additional information regarding the types of images, which require a license prior to their use through our service. Please review our FAQ page at:

To review your images, please log into your account and click on the 'Media Basket' link. The images set to 'pending' status are highlighted red.

If you currently hold a license for the image(s) in question or feel that they may not be in violation of our policies, please contact a Shop Advisor at Your images will remain unusable and after 14 days will be scheduled for deletion.

Best regards,

Amanda K.
Image Verification Dept.

I'm going to check on keeping the "I made Bill O'Reilly cry" coffee mugs. Funny, it looks like I really might have made Bill O'Reilly cry.


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