Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Message from God: "Please don't be on my side."

Have you ever been having a discussion and then someone jumps in to defend your point of view, but just makes things worse? I'm sure that there are plenty of conservatives who feel that way about guys like David Horowitz, Brent Bozell, Sean Hannity, etc., and duck into the bathroom whenever they see them coming down the hall. I feel that way when someone steps into an argument about whether the Iraq war was necessary and "backs me up" by saying that military conflict is always and forever unjustified.

Don't you wonder if God feels that way about Justice Moore and his supporters in Alabama?

As a controversial Ten Commandments monument was removed from the rotunda of an Alabama judicial building Wednesday, about 100 protesters – some of whom had camped out all week – were visibly shaken and angered by the action.

"Put it back!" screamed the crowd after each statement made by Christian Defense Coalition Director Patrick Mahoney, who vowed to continue the fight.

An irate man initiated the "Put it back!" chorus after the monument was wheeled away from the rotunda.

"Get your hands off our God, God haters!" yelled the wildly gesturing, red-faced man.

As someone named "DJ" pointed out in the comments over in Atrios' comments earlier, these people sure are attached to their graven images. Heck, in claiming that they've got their hands on God, the "red-faced man" seems to be violating both the first and second of those commandments in one fell swoop.

God was unavailable for comment, but his secretary said he's in a meeting and "could be in there for some time."

Update: Is Fox News anti-Protestants and Jews? They have a "raw data" list up, which purports to show people what the Ten Commandments are and they use the Catholic/Lutheran version without even mentioning there are others.

Update: Reader Sean points out that the site now says: "The following is a list of the Ten Commandments as they appear on the Alabama monument." It didn't say that yesterday, but simply read "The Ten Commandments." That, itself, is interesting. If that's what's on the monument, then isn't Moore, a Southern Baptist, arguing that the Catholic/Lutheran take on the Commandments is the correct one? Did all those people lying on the ground know that they were supporting us papists?


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