Saturday, August 16, 2003

The new Nitpicker

In the midst of the e-mails I received over the past few days, I received the following statement:

  • Irritating tiny type. Or do you prefer to have few readers over 45?
    Did you know that even expensive prescription reading classes only come in quarter sizes: 2:25, 2:50, 2:75, etc. So, most people over 45 don't have perfect focus even with reading glasses.
    Your stuff is good but it's not worth eyestrain. I'll stick to Joe and Neal and Adam, they're small enough.

  • I'm certain I'm not the first one to e-mail you about this: your website is unreadable not because of what you say, but because of the color scheme you use and the extremely small font size. Please accept this as constructive criticism. I would like to see more people read your blog and a more legible design will help tremendously.

  • While I'm young (or at least childish) enough to have wanted to make a dick joke about whether Joe, Neal and Adam are "small enough", I do, of course, want as many people to be able to read this blog as possible. Hell, maybe my dad would even drop in from time to time if he didn't have to read the site from 30 feet away through a rifle sight.

    Thus the change, even though I loved the old color scheme. I tell myself that there's a reason that no one ever printed a newspaper with white type on a green background with dark blue borders, but the still, small voice of Carson Kressley inside me is disgusted by my kowtowing to function over form.

    P.S. Apparently, this post worried some people. I guess it's hard to tell if my tongue's actually in my cheek if you're not talking to me, so I need to take a moment to tell the amateur psychologists out there that I have no intention of killing myself. I really do feel good about my place in the world, even though I suggested that Andrew Sullivan is headed to the 8th circle of Hell.

    P.P.S. There's a master's thesis to be found in the fact that the new media experiments with wacky design elements but, in the case of ostensibly informative sites, everyone seems to be learning that Gutenberg might have been on to something...


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