Thursday, August 07, 2003


Today, I think, marks the last day of Pat Robertson's 21-day "prayer offensive" against Supreme Court Justices. All nine judges seem safely ensconced. Apparently the highest court isn't listening to Robertson's appeal.

When U.N. weapons inspectors had been in Iraq for 111 days, Bush said "They've had enough time." Our troops have been for 119 days. No weapons have been found.

Since Bush strutted beneath a banner reading "Mission Accomplished" on the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, 116 Americans have died in Iraq, an average of 1.31 per day.

Since the Bushies took office, over 3 million people have lost their jobs. Job growth has been negative for 25 straight months. Bush promised in April that, with his tax cut, the economy would produce 510,000 more jobs than without it. He is 841,374 jobs behind pace (scroll down to "Job Creation Scorecard for July:).

Meanwhile, the average employed American gets 8.1 days of vacation after one year of employment and 10.2 days after three years. President Bush, in his third year in the White House, is taking a month's vacation. He has taken at least a month's worth of vacation each of the three years he has spent in power.


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