Thursday, August 07, 2003

Remember this

I just brought this to you a few days ago, but I wanted you to read Tom Delay's words again:

The war on terror is not a misunderstanding. It is not an opportunity for negotiation or dialogue...

Standing up for good against evil is hard work.

It costs money and it costs blood, but after September 11, 2001, it's a price we are determined to pay.

Remembering that Tom Delay skipped out on serving himself (because the minorities had taken all the jobs in the military) now read the words of Robert Jamieson, Jr., who explains how expensive that "price" really is:

Family and friends. Emily, the pretty Romanian girlfriend in Italy. Enough memories to fill up an encyclopedia.

All of this Justin leaves behind.

The guy had a big heart. Played pranks. Liked the Mariners. Loved to roughhouse. Stood up for the underdog. Listened to music, from Metallica to Nelly. Relished people. Looked you right in the eye and took genuine interest in what was happening in your world.

Jessica sums lil' bro up in a word: "Awesome."

She cries, and the crying will not soon stop.

This is what happens when brave soldiers come home in caskets after politicians send them to fight for God and country.

The cost of war.

If you can read that whole article and not get a tear in your eye, there's something wrong with you.

Or you may just be a Republican.


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