Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The simple message about Iraq

Via Ezra at Not Geniuses, I see that Instapundit is embellishing clear cut sentences in order to obscure the truth. Instead of writing:

Howard Dean believes we need to stay in Iraq until the job is done.

He writes

The good news is that even anti-war candidate Howard Dean seems to have figured (out that we have to stay in Iraq for some time).

Ezra says this is because Glenn is a cut-and-dried ideologue who's attempting to spin the truth -- that Dean has been saying the same thing for some time. What ticks me off is that he acts as if being anti-war and having the common sense required to get the job done are two mutually exclusive qualities. Dean's (and Clark's) message about Iraq is one that's so simple, even George W. Bush -- millionaire average guy and renowned straight-shooter -- could get it:

Don't do it unless you've gotta do it, but, once you decide to do it, make sure it's done right.

It's like surgery. No doctor would walk into another's operating room and close a patient's incisions with the procedure half-finished, even if he disagreed with the reasons for the surgery in the first place. He might, however, perform those procedures better.


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