Friday, August 01, 2003

Tom DeLay speaks

In a speech thick with religious references, Tom DeLay spoke to the Knesset this week. Here's a snippet:

The war on terror is not a misunderstanding. It is not an opportunity for negotiation or dialogue.

It's a battle between good and evil, between the Truth of liberty and The Lie of terror.

This war is the moral extension of World War II and the Cold War, and like the Nazis, fascists, and Communists before them, the terrorists are going to lose.

History, as always, will judge harshly those who would accommodate evil's aggression.

Standing up for good against evil is hard work.

It costs money and it costs blood, but after September 11, 2001, it's a price we are determined to pay.

He went on to say that, after cutting taxes so that we could give a crapload of money to the rich, we're going to have to take the money from services to the poor. He added also that, since he was a draft-dodging coward who really had only ever stood up to cockroaches and silverfish, we'd be using the blood of soldiers to pay that particular charge.

What a wonderful area of Texas the 22nd district must be to keep electing this sniveling assmunch.


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