Thursday, September 18, 2003

Alan Colmes rescues Sean Hannity from a real soldier

I've been waiting for the transcript to pop up on EBSCO for some time now, because I wanted to get this right. It's there now, so I wanted to bring you a bit of the conversation Hannity & Colmes had with executive officer of the 3rd Infantry 2nd Brigade U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Eric Wesley (italics Nitpicker's).

HANNITY: ...when you hear this criticism of our commander in chief and it is now a daily barrage of ad hominum, mean-spirited low attacks against him, a failure, miserable failure, gang leader, right on down the line, he intentionally lied about the situation in Iraq. How does that make you feel?

WESLEY: Well, I'll tell you, we get clear guidance from our chain of command, and it has been clear throughout the campaign, and it's been guidance that we've been able to execute relatively freely. And those things, you know, obviously are political issues that I know are out there.

HANNITY: You hear that. I mean, they're basically saying, "Hey, he's putting you guys in harm's way and he lied to get you there." That was a question said to Senator Graham the other night.

"Did the president intentionally lie?"


Frankly, I'm sick and tired of it. I've had it. You know, we work together as a country. And I'm sick and tired of the rhetoric. This is not legitimate criticism of something they disagree with. This is nothing but political attacks by blind, ambitious politicians.

And you guys are fighting that war, in the meantime. You're over there listening to that commander in chief that they're throwing down the stairs every day.

WESLEY: I appreciate your concern, Sean. But I guess that's how it works out at the political level. But isn't that the beauty of democracy?

HANNITY: We have loud-mouthed Democratic politicians?

WESLEY: That's why we're there and I think that not a lot of that criticism comes...

COLMES: Thank you for serving our country and thank you for serving us to give us the right for this dissidence we have here in America. That's what America's all about. And I thank you for your service to America, as many Americans do.

Something very interesting you did there was you would go around and visit people...

See that? It looked like LTC Wesley, who had already said that dissent was "the beauty of democracy" was about to say that criticism of the president didn't affect soldiers. I could be wrong about exactly what he was going to say, but, when it starts with "that's why we're there," it's clear that whatever he was about to say wouldn't have made Sean Hannity happy. Good save, Alan.

As for the colonel, I think we all owe him a salute. The rest of his appearance was good, too. He spoke honestly about the difficult nature of dealing with members of a different culture and the excellent quality of his troops. A classy guy.


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