Tuesday, September 09, 2003

The conspiracy must be working

Donald Luskin, author of the hilariously awful blog "The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid" (and the last adult I know who doesn't think that Ayn Rand was a crazy person) really cracks me up. First, he whines, counter-conservatively, that he can't get something for free:

Paul Krugman's book -- The Great Unraveling -- hits the bookstores today. Are you surprised to learn that Krugman's publisher, W.W. Norton, has repeatedly refused my requests for a review copy of the new book?

But other than that inexplicable omission, America's most dangerous liberal pundit is in full book-promo mode.

Then -- and this is the funny part -- he bashes Krugman (as he always does) while hawking the book himself on the same page:

Okay [sigh], you know, some of you are probably going to buy the, buy Krugman's damn book anyway. So you might as well, uh, and, click here and buy it through our deal with, with Amazon.com, and at least that, uh, a portion of your purchase will go toward, to, um, supporting this site.*

So Norton's supposed to send him a free book so he can bash its author and, while he thinks the book's crap, he's willing to suck off of the teat of Paul Krugman's cachet for the few measly pennies he might get from being an Amazon "associate". Funny.

* The "uhs" and "ums" are meant to be ridiculing Krugman's speaking style on a recent "Tim Russert Show" appearance. Luskin sure does nail Krugman for working to pick out an exact meaning, huh? However, unlike Bush, Krugman actually finds his way to one.

Update: More from Very Very Happy. And it's hilarious.


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