Friday, September 12, 2003

Funny stuff

If you can stomach it, go watch the Freepers be scared shitless by the possibility of a Clark candidacy.

One thing that seems to really tick them off is that the press points out the General's background. Just another sign of that ol' debbil' the liberal media:

Clark, 58, a Rhodes scholar and former NATO commander.........

And his most impressive credential.....He's from Arkansas A body doesnt get much more qualified than that.......speaking of bodies.........

While I would argue that the article left out "West Point valedictorian" and that no one needs more than three periods in their elipses, I think the Freeps are missing the point (a skill on which they have cornered the market). The media isn't liberal because it points out the General's background, it's conservative because it didn't point out Bush's, which would have read:

Bush, 54, a failed oilman, AWOL Air Guardsman and straight "C" student...


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